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Primary Prevention of violence against women was introduced to EDVOS in 2016. This provided EDVOS with the unique opportunity to work across the continuum of family violence from primary prevention, to early intervention, response and recovery.

The work of the Primary Prevention Team is to plan, implement and evaluate evidence-based projects that aim to address gender inequality, which is the underlying cause of violence against women. Our approach aims to change the social conditions that excuse, justify or promote violence against women and children in our community. Drivers of violence include:

  •  Condoning of violence against women
  • Men’s control of decision-making and limits to women’s independence
  • Stereotyped constructions of masculinity and femininity
  • Disrespect towards women and male peer relations that emphasise aggression

At EDVOS, we use Change the Story – the National Our Watch Framework, to guide our prevention work. The Primary Prevention Team at EDVOS works in partnership with many organisations and stakeholders in the region including health and community services, local government, community groups, schools, early childhood services, neighbourhood houses and more!

Please contact us at edvos@edvos.org.au if you or your organisation is interested in working closely with us.

Children aged 0-6, families and early childhood professionals

  • Level Playground: A project for parents, caregivers and early childhood educators that provides helpful information and activities to support them in the day to day work of raising children free from gender stereotypes. The Level Playground website has a collection of resources that are not limited by gender. Lots of activities and ideas can be found on the following topics of learnplay and read. Some of the things that you will find on the website include; booklists, posters, lesson plans, gender audit tools and a variety of play ideas plus much more. Level Playground also uses social media platforms to provide messages and resources on play ideas and activities, stories to read and gift giving ideas that help to breakdown some of the limitations that rigid gender stereotypes can place on children’s development.

    Level Playground Website, facebook & instagram

  • Ways to Play: Activity play-based workshops that engages children aged 0-6 and their parents and caregivers in fun ways to play that support healthy childhood development and inspire children to play free from restrictive and harmful gender stereotypes.
  • Gender Equality Resource Tub: Provides early childhood educators with age appropriate information, activities and resources to support them in day-to-day work of raising children free from gender stereotypes.

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  • Engaging Men-Reducing Resistance and Building Support: This new toolkit is a practical guide to assist practitioners, educators, and others working to prevent violence against women and building gender equality, to respond to and prevent resistance and backlash. The toolkit is a collaboration between three organisations and four authors: Michael Flood from the Queensland University of Technology, Josette O’Donnell and Benjamin Brewin from Eastern Health, and Brianna Myors from Eastern Domestic Violence Service. Click here to download the resource.
  • Big Dreams: A 7-page colouring book packed full of illustrations that encourage children to be free to follow their dreams. The colouring book was created as part of an art project undertaken by EDVOS with students at Ringwood Secondary College. The students participated in a discussion about gender inequality and the specific issues it creates for both boys and girls when exposed to rigid gender stereotypes. Click here to download the resource.
  • Level Playground Fact Sheets: EDVOS has developed a range of fact sheets you can print and use in your service, classroom or at home. These fact sheets will give you more information about creating environments that promote equality and respect. Click here to download the resources.
  • Stories Beyond Stereotypes Booklist: This booklist was developed to highlight children’s books for 7-12 year olds that go beyond gender stereotypes and promote healthy, equal, respectful and positive relationships. All the books will be available throughout Eastern Regional Libraries. It was developed by Eastern Regional Libraries, EDVOS, Level Playground, Knox City Council, Maroondah City Council, Yarra Ranges Council, Women’s Health East, Inspiro and EACH. Click here to download the resource.
  • You Can’t Be What You Can’t See – Poster Series: This was developed by the Yarra Ranges Gender Equity in the Early Years Working Group and aims to promote gender equity and breakdown gender stereotypes. The posters show real people undertaking diverse career and recreation roles. These images and the embedded messages promote to young children in early years services and their families that they can aspire and achieve a range of work and life choices, regardless of their gender. Click here to download the resources.
  • Take Action For Gender Equality and Respect: EDVOS and Inspiro have created a student voice resource co-designed by young people. It aims to support young people to reflect on what gender equality and respect means to them, engage with their peers on gender issues and take action to create change in their community. Click here to download the resource.
 Other Primary Prevention Resources:

  Information, Statistics, Framework Documents:

  Project Planning and Evaluation:

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Author and publisher, Jayneen Sanders, in partnership with EDVOS and Anglicare Victoria, have developed Hope – a story book and resource that addresses family violence in a way that is appropriate for children.

Hope tells the story of a child experiencing family violence, and is written to provide children in family violence homes with a sense of hope and to lessen traumatic effects of their own living situations. The book aims to reassure children that family violence is not their fault, and that they should be able to discuss their concerns and worries about family violence with any trusted adult (e.g. teachers, carers, police, and other family members).

Hope was developed to support adults on how to provide a safe and supportive response when children share their experience of family violence. The book emphasises that children are never to blame for family violence and that the accountability lies with the person choosing to use violence.

Hope includes a Safety Plan developed by EDVOS that can be used by health professionals working with children, early years educators, school teachers and any family members or friends who might know a child that may be experiencing family violence. 

Proceeds from the sale of this book, through the Level Playground website, will go into EDVOS Primary Prevention projects and activities. EDVOS Primary Prevention programs and activities aim to create a society where everyone lives free from violence and every child grows up to be equally valued, heard and respected.

Children, young people and teachers
  • Let’s Take Action for Gender Equality and Respect: Engages middle years children aged 8-12 years in the development of student voice projects that promoting gender equality. This project is in partnership with Inspiro.
  • Youth Ambassador for Gender Equality and Respect: Engages secondary school students in the development of student voice projects that promoting gender equality and respectful relationships. This project is in partnership with Inspiro.
  • Thai Community Stands up for Gender Equality and Respect: The project involves developing and delivering culturally appropriate gender equality and respectful relationships education within the Thai community through working in partnership with teachers, students, families and community members from Thai Education Centre of Victoria.
Community engagement projects
  • Together for Respect at Home – social media campaign: COVID-19 pandemic has presented new, unprecedented concerns and challenges for our community. In response to this complex issue, EDVOS in partnership with members from the Together for Equality and Respect (TFER) Partnership developed this social marketing campaign aimed at promoting safe, healthy, connected and respectful relationship at home. Click here for more information.
  • Training and Presentations for Young People: EDVOS delivers a range of training and presentations to young people aged 15-24 years, aimed at supporting them to foster safe and respectful relationships with peers, family members, intimate partners and the community. These training sessions and presentations on gender equality, respectful relationships, responding to intimate partner violence and family violence disclosures, inspires our young to take action for change. Download the flyer below. For more information or for a quote, contact EDVOS Primary Prevention on (03) 9259 4200 or brianna.myors@edvos.org.au.
Download Training and presentations for young people flyer
If you (or someone you know) is experiencing or at risk of family violence:

Contact EDVOS on 03 9259 4200 between 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday

Contact Safe Steps on 1800 015 188 24 hours per day or visit: safesteps.org.au

Tell someone you can trust – family, friends, neighbours or your doctor

If you are in immediate danger call 000