Our Vision

A community free from family violence, where everyone is safe.


EDVOS Court Support

Attending court can be a daunting and overwhelming experience.  Court support for you and your children is delivered through the Court Applicant Worker Program (CAW) who provides individual support, advocacy, information and referrals if you are attending Ringwood Magistrates’ Court due to family violence.

The CAW attends Ringwood Magistrates’ Court on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays for police application hearings. Timeframes are dependent on the number of clients attending court on any given day.

CAW program support can include:
  • Support at the initial application stage of your Intervention Order

  • Advocacy on your behalf, including liaising with court staff (registrars, police, respondent workers, applicant workers, civil advocates and lawyers)

  • Telephone support prior to your court date

  • Risk assessment and safety planning

  • Attendance at pre-court meetings

  • Referrals to services, including linking in with other EDVOS services

EDVOS Court Support is a partnership between Eastern Community Legal Centre (ECLC), Victoria Legal Aid (VLA) and EDVOS.

Repeat Police Attendance (RPA)

In partnership with Victoria Police, the Repeat Police Attendance (RPA) program provides collaborative support to you and your and children in your home, when you may not otherwise have had contact with EDVOS or other support agencies.

RPA aims to increase your safety when you have been subject to family violence, where Victoria Police have attended and made a referral (L17), you are considered high risk and/or EDVOS have been unable to make contact to offer support.

RPA may also be considered if EDVOS or Victoria Police have safety concerns related to the severity of the violence experienced, or the vulnerabilities of you and/or your children (for example age, isolation, disability or culturally and linguistically diverse background).

Support can include:

EDVOS butterfly

Home visits from an EDVOS advocate and members of Victoria Police

EDVOS butterflyRisk assessment, needs assessment and safety planning

EDVOS butterflyTelephone follow-ups if you were not contacted via a home visit with Victoria Police

EDVOS butterflyIntake assessment and referral to EDVOS Case Management

EDVOS butterflyReferrals to external services

EDVOS and Victorian Legal Aid (VLA) also work together to enhance support for women and their children who are responding to violence.

A lawyer and an EDVOS advocate work together to provide end-to-end intensive legal support to help with advice and casework in family violence intervention order and legal issues. They will refer you other services where necessary. The lawyer will be able to provide legal advice, legal case work (limited), representation (limited) and referrals to appropriate legal services. The EDVOS advocate will provide family violence support including information about the process, risk and needs assessment and, where appropriate, referrals into our case management team.

This lawyer/advocate team has a specific focus on early advice and advocacy in child protection matters, and vulnerable clients who have multiple legal issues.