Our Vision

A community free from family violence, where everyone feels safe.


Housing Assistance

EDVOS can support you with your housing needs in a number of ways:

  • Private rental assistance

  • Safe at Home

  • Referrals to refuge

  • Transitional Housing Management (THM)

Transitional Housing Management (THM)

The THM program provides a medium-term transitional housing option to women and their children who are escaping family violence. EDVOS has nomination rights for a number of THM properties across the east of Melbourne.

Those who meet the key criteria can be nominated for the THM program. If approved, you will be contacted monthly by the dedicated THM worker for the duration of your tenancy to manage safety and maintenance, as well as work towards exit planning.

EDVOS has a dedicated housing advocate who supports all staff to make applications for Office of Housing properties on behalf of their clients.

Private Rental Assistance (PRA)

Private Rental Assistance is a set payment provided to you to cover rental on a private rental property. The purpose of PRA is to provide support if you have experienced family violence in the previous 12 months and/or are escaping family violence to live safely in a private rental property.

External organisations can apply for Private Rental Assistance on behalf of their clients.

Safe at Home

Where possible, EDVOS can provide support for you and your children to remain in your own home safely. This can include funding to enhance/upgrade security.

Referrals to refuge

When there are suitable vacancies, EDVOS can make referrals to local safe accommodation for you and your children.

Housing Assistance

Please call 000 – Victoria Police if you are in immediate danger.


EDVOS is the specialist family violence service in Melbourne's Eastern Region.

We provide a broad range of integrated services to support women and children who are responding to family violence.

We prioritise the safety of women and children as a fundamental human right whilst working to ensure perpetrators are held accountable for using violence.


  • PO BOX 698 Ringwood VIC 3134
  • 03 9259 4200
  • EDVOS Operating Hours
    M-F:9am-8pm & Sat:9am-5pm
  • edvos@edvos.org.au
  • @edvosFV

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