Our Vision

A community free from family violence, where everyone feels safe.


Counselling and Support Groups

The EDVOS Counselling program is available as no/low cost program for women and children who access EDVOS.  The family violence counsellor provides a holistic service that includes one-to-one counselling, therapeutic groups, parent-child therapy. This takes a strengths-based, client-centred approach in a safe, supportive environment.

EDVOS provides information on and referrals to a number of counselling services in the eastern metropolitan region.

Women are able to refer directly into a program, or via EDVOS intake/referral. This includes a partnership with the Australian Childhood Foundation whereby a predetermined number of therapeutic sessions for children are available through the Flexible Support Package program.

Read and share stories

It may help to read and anonymously share stories about surviving family violence.  If you’re interested, visit nottheonlyone.org.au – a website created by the University of Melbourne.


EDVOS is the specialist family violence service in Melbourne's Eastern Region.

We provide a broad range of integrated services to support women and children who are responding to family violence.

We prioritise the safety of women and children as a fundamental human right whilst working to ensure perpetrators are held accountable for using violence.

  • PO BOX 698 Ringwood VIC 3134
  • 03 9259 4200
  • EDVOS Operating Hours
    M-F:9am-8pm & Sat:9am-5pm

  • edvos@edvos.org.au
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