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Attending court can be a daunting and overwhelming experience. Court support for you and your children is delivered through the Court Applicant Worker Program (CAW). Learn more > …

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EDVOS can support you with your housing needs in a number of ways: Transitional Housing Management (THM), Private rental assistance, Safe at Home and Referrals to refuge. Learn more >…

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The EDVOS Counselling program is available as no/low cost program for women and children who access EDVOS. The family violence counsellor provides a holistic service that includes one-to-one counselling, therapeutic groups, parent-child therapy. Learn more > …

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EDVOS is committed to ending violence against women. We hold a deep understanding and knowledge that violence is experienced by women and children regardless of class, ethnicity, religion, age, abilities or sexual preference. Learn more >…

EDVOS can also provide support with the following services:

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  • Family violence and pregnancy

  • Family violence and animal abuse

  • Support for Indigenous clients

  • Protecting your children

  • Safety Planning

  • How EDVOS protects your privacy

Intake and case management

When you first contact EDVOS, our supportive and understanding staff will listen to your story, ask questions to better understand your risk and if necessary, develop a safety plan with you. They will give you the information and support you need including any referrals to other helpful services. They will also assign you an EDVOS advocate.

EDVOS advocates provide case management to you and your children. They will listen and support you to develop a plan to meet your needs. They empower you to make informed decisions about your own life and future, and those of your children by:

  • Providing information and support to develop an individual case plan
  • Making referrals to other support services to ensure your needs are met
  • Co-ordinating and liaising with external services that you need
  • Providing advocacy for you and your children as needed

Case management and client advocacy can include rental assistance, housing support, support via various programs and partnerships, and referrals to other services.

Flexible Support Packages

Flexible Support Packages (FSPs) provide personalised, rapid, targeted assistance to women and children who are experiencing family violence and are planning to leave, or who have recently left family violence situations but remain at risk.  They are designed to target high-risk situations and support long-term safety and stability.

This support can take many forms, from assisting with essential household items to counselling for you and your children. Contact EDVOS for further information.

For professionals and external agencies

FSPs are administered by EDVOS, but are open to applications from external agencies. For external agencies to apply for an FSP, specific assessment criteria should be met, including a case plan that clearly demonstrates how the FSP will reduce risk and meet goals around safety and freedom from violence; support access to safe, stable housing; financial stability; family health and well-being; economic, social and community participation; and independence.


What is a RAMP?

A RAMP (Risk Assessment Management Panel) is a multi-agency, co-ordinated response for women and children at high and imminent risk of serious harm from family violence. RAMP meetings are held monthly at a local level.  Key agencies and organisations comprehensively assess the risk to a woman and her children and develop co-ordinated action plans across agencies in response to this risk.

RAMPs are not a substitute for the existing system, but work to enhance the response to this high-risk group.

A RAMP works on the principles of:

  • Prevention and accountability: preventing men from perpetrating harm and holding them accountable for their violent action and threats
  • Serving the best interests of women and children
  • Respect: acknowledging and respecting the background, culture and individual circumstances of each woman and child
  • Providing a child-focused response

A RAMP structure includes a co-ordinator, chairs, core members and associates.

In the eastern metropolitan region (EMR) there are two RAMP co-ordinators: inner east and outer east. They are located at EDVOS and are responsible for receiving referrals and identifying appropriate organisations to participate in the RAMP meeting.

RAMP core members are essential to the effective operation of the RAMP and can include:

  • Specialist women’s family violence services
  • Victoria Police
  • Community Corrections
  • Housing
  • Mental health
  • Alcohol and drug services
  • Men’s family violence services
  • Child FIRST
  • Child Protection

Associate members/agencies attend RAMP meetings on an ‘as needs’ basis when they have particular knowledge of a case, to inform risk assessment and action planning to keep a woman and her children safe.

RAMP referrals

Any service that works with victims of family violence or who may encounter and/or identify women and children experiencing family violence can make a referral. Referrals are made to RAMP through EDVOS intake. The RAMP co-ordinator and co-chairs will then determine whether the case goes to a RAMP or receives another response.


EDVOS is the specialist family violence service in Melbourne's Eastern Region.

We provide a broad range of integrated services to support women and children who are responding to family violence.

We prioritise the safety of women and children as a fundamental human right whilst working to ensure perpetrators are held accountable for using violence.


  • PO BOX 698 Ringwood VIC 3134
  • 03 9259 4200
  • EDVOS Operating Hours
    M-F:9am-8pm & Sat:9am-5pm
  • @edvosFV

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