EDVOS has developed a free training on gender inequality and family violence for salon professionals to help women who may be facing violence or controlling behaviour at home. 

HaiR-3Rs (Recognise, Respond and Refer) aims to:

  • Inform salon professionals about gender inequality as the main driver of family violence.
  • Support salon professionals to understand gender stereotypes.
  • Increase the capacity of salon professionals to support a client who may be experiencing family violence.

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HaiR-3Rs Research Report on Family Violence Training for Salon Professionals 

The HaiR-3Rs Research Report was developed in conjunction with Eastern Domestic Violence Service (EDVOS) and The University of Melbourne.  The pre and post-training evaluations of over 150 salon professionals included in this report show that participants in the program felt it greatly improved their ability to help clients in need. 87% of salon professionals reported feeling more confident to recognise, respond and refer on disclosures of family violence. The report also reveals that 90% of participants’ understanding of gender inequality, the main driver of family violence, increased from low to high.

In this report, a Salon Professional quoted that the program gave him, “the confidence…in understanding that you’re not a counsellor, and it’s not your responsibility to provide that…it’s more appropriate and responsible to give a client the information and the power to explore a more appropriate avenue of help”. 

To request a copy of the HaiR-3Rs Research Report, please contact EDVOS at