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Who is EDVOS

EDVOS is the specialist family violence service in the eastern metropolitan region of Melbourne.

EDVOS is a not-for-profit organisation, primarily funded by the State Government of Victoria. EDVOS also receives grants and donations from other sources. 


  • We provide a broad range of integrated services to support women, children and their pets who are responding to family violence.

  • We prioritise the safety of women and children as a fundamental human right, while working to ensure perpetrators are held accountable for using violence.

  • We support women to make informed choices through programs and services that are individual, sensitive and evidence-based.

  • Our highly trained staff provide support, information, case management, safety planning, community education, programs for pet safety and a strong network of referral pathways to other services.

The area we cover

EDVOS is the lead specialist family violence service in the eastern metropolitan region of Melbourne and our services are available to around 1.03 million people across the municipalities of:

  • Boroondara
  • Manningham
  • Whitehorse
  • Knox
  • Monash
  • Maroondah
  • Yarra Ranges

Our History

EDVOS has been serving the community and supporting women and children responding to family violence for over 25 years.

EDVOS was established in 1994, as an amalgamation of family violence services provided by Outer East Domestic Violence Service and Inner East Women’s Service, EDVOS operated from a small residential home in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

EDVOS programs and services have expanded over the years to better support women, children, pets and animals responding to family violence in the eastern metropolitan region of Melbourne. We also work along the family violence continuum and include primary prevention, early-intervention, response and recovery, which is underpinned by the current reforms led by Family Safety Victoria on behalf of the Victorian Government.

We continue our productive partnership and strong relationship with Victoria Police and have a permanent presence at the Ringwood Magistrates Court.

We’re proud of our organisation’s legacy and continue to maintain a strong focus on the safety of women and children and the accountability of perpetrators of family violence.

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EDVOS Organisational Chart
View the current EDVOS Organisational Chart HERE.

Vision, Mission and Values

Our vision:

A community free from family violence, where everyone is safe. 

Our mission:

To take a collaborative and evidence-based approach to supporting those experiencing family violence whilst also working to prevent family violence before it occurs.

Our values:

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Equity – Prioritising the use of resources to address inequities in our society

EDVOS butterflyAccountability – Responsible for delivering high quality, evidence based services AND; working to ensure perpetrators of violence are held to account for their actions

EDVOS butterflyCollaboration – Striving to be a valued partner by working collaboratively with others

EDVOS butterflyRespect – Concern for human rights as well as the experiences and aspirations of others

EDVOS butterflyInnovation – Displaying resourcefulness and innovation, focusing on positive and sustainable outcomes

EDVOS butterflyAdvocacy – Actively speaking and behaving in a way that advances human rights

EDVOS Board and Management

EDVOS Board and Management currently consists of twelve members with varying expertise and backgrounds that help shape EDVOS.

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Strategic Plan 2018 – 2020

In early 2018, the EDVOS Board undertook a comprehensive strategic planning exercise in conjunction with the Executive Director, Executive Leadership Team and all staff, which aimed to deliver enhanced outcomes for Victim-Survivors of family violence in the Eastern Metropolitan Region of Melbourne. The following Key Strategic Priorities areas were identified:

  1. Person-Centred Practice – Embedding and evaluating ‘Person-Centred Practice’ for women and children at EDVOS
  2. Accessibility for All – Increasing EDVOS service responses for priority groups
  3. Efficiency, Effectiveness & Sustainability – Delivering more efficient and effective services and programs at EDVOS
  4. Workforce Capacity and Wellbeing – Implementing a comprehensive Workforce Capacity and Wellbeing Plan, resulting in an effective and vibrant workforce, which meets the needs of EDVOS service users
  5. Services Across the Continuum from Primary Prevention to Recovery – Increasing and expanding EDVOS services; ranging from primary prevention of violence against women and children, through to recovery from family violence
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Fast Facts about EDVOS

In the financial year ending June 2019 EDVOS:

  • Supported more than 7,400 clients with 48% being under 17 years, 6% between 18 – 24 years, 22% between 25 – 39 years, 17% between 40 – 54 years and 7% between 55 – 75+ years.
  • Experienced growth of client self-referrals of 208% from previous year.

Regional Family Violence Partnership (RFVP)

EDVOS is auspice agency for the Eastern Metropolitan Regional Family Violence Partnership (RFVP). The RFVP is an alliance of organisations committed to working together to build systems to improve safety and justice for women and children experiencing family violence and to hold perpetrators to account for their behaviour.

The RFVP supports the integrated regional family violence service system within the state-wide policy framework working closely with Family Safety Victoria and within the long term statewide strategic plans.

In early 2019, the previous governance body of the RFVP, the Executive Committee, unanimously decided to strengthen the regional integration work by embedding a new governance framework. The work of the partnership is driven by the Systems Leadership Group and the Implementation Committee.


EDVOS is proud to have been awarded full accreditation of three sets of quality standards in May 2020, meeting all required expectations with overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Led by the EDVOS Quality team, the QIP assessors together with EDVOS staff, undertook a fully remote review, due to the COVID-19 Government restrictions at that time, a first for all involved. The accreditation process was supported by newly implemented teleconferencing technology, online communication tools, as well as the use of phones, video recordings, remote presentations and photography to explore EDVOS sites remotely.

EDVOS is committed to continuous quality improvement and will use any recommended improvement areas to form the basis of a new three year Quality plan. With the development of a new strategic plan scheduled later this year, the outcomes from this assessment will also be incorporated to ensure a robust strategic planning process.

EDVOS are grateful to the QIP assessors, EDVOS staff and in particular the EDVOS Quality team for all their hard work and commitment to best practice, quality performance and continuous improvement.

EDVOS are proud to be awarded National Accreditation for the next three years.

EDVOS acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of this land and recognise their continuing connection to land, water and community. EDVOS pays respect to Elders past, present and emerging.

EDVOS acknowledges people from the lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex (LGBTI) communities, their children, pets and other animals, who are responding to family violence in the community.

EDVOS respects all people who are responding to family violence, regardless of ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, age and ability.

EDVOS is a child-focused and child safe organisation.

.  EDVOS acknowledges funding from the Victorian Government